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fotografo matrimonio sardegna

Fotografo matrimonio Sardegna

Fotografo matrimonio Sardegna.


E’ cominciata la stagione dei matrimoni anche qui in Sardegna.

Mi specializzo nella fotografia di matrimonio e sarò lieto di mettere al vostro servizio tutta la mia conoscenza fotografica e creativa per offrirvi un servizio fotografico unico ed originale.

Opero in tutta la Sardegna, da La Maddalena a Cagliari ed ho all’attivo svariati servizi fotografici di matrimonio: in spiaggia, country, tradizionale…

Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Cagliari, Oristano, Sassari, Nuoro, Olbia, Santa Teresa, Alghero, Bosa…

Sono disponibili anche servizi video, trucco, hair styling …

Le sessioni di coppie, quando richieste, vengono sempre ambientate in luoghi unici e sempre diversi tra loro, al fine di offrire ulteriore unicità’ al vostro servizio.

Comunicazione chiara e tempestiva e planning meticoloso sono un must nel mio lavoro.

Il tutto corredato da una post-produzione (quando richiesto) professionale per valorizzare al meglio i vostri scatti.

Per ulteriori informazioni non esitate a contattarmi via contact form per un preventivo gratuito.

Visitate le pagine di matrimonio dedicate ed anche il sito per dozzine di fotografie di esempio.

In attesa di poter diventare il vostro fotografo matrimonio Sardegna, vi faccio le mie congratulazioni per il vostro matrimonio!

fotografo matrimonio sardegna

fotografo matrimonio sardegna


grazie per la vostra visita!


Destination wedding photographer Sardinia

Destination wedding photographer Sardinia

Destination wedding photographer Sardinia

If you’re searching for a Destination wedding photographer Sardinia, I can offer you originality and professional outcomes.

I cover the whole island of Sardinia, from Olbia, to Cagliari, Alghero to La Maddalena, Sassari, Nuoro, Ogliastra, Porto Cervo, Poltu Quatu, Porto Rotondo

Amongst other locations such as Bosa, Sassari, Santa Teresa, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo

I strive to always provide and deliver the most original pieces of works, something unique you’ll be proud to save dearly in your best memories.

I work with you to the smallest details in order to follow your inputs and suggestions, proposing you mines and finally handing over your dream wedding photography.

I’ve been an experienced destination wedding photographer Sardinia for few years now and I have improved my skills shooting under the most different situations: traditional, country, beach, vintage weddings..

Please feel free to drop me an email with your inquiries and I will get back to you shortly. Meanwhile, browse for dozens of wedding photography under the category WEDDINGS or on all the dedicated wedding pages in the website.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Мы сплочённая фотографическая комманда, которая предлагает профессиональные фотографические услуги на всей территории острова Сардиния.

У нас есть парикмахеры, визажист, переводчик, и весь персонал необходимый для незабываемого времяпрепровождения и фотосьёмки ваших знаменательных дат  на острове Сардинии.

Я профессиональный фотограф из Ольбии, и я специализируюсь на портретной фотографии, фотосьёмка свадеб и ландшафта.

Я могу отвезти вас в незабываемые по красоте места,  чтобы сделать ваши фото еще более оригинальными и уникальными.

Мой стиль никогда не повторяющийся и  всегда непредсказуемый.

Не стесняйтесь связаться со мной для получения дополнительной информации о вашем мероприятии или фотосессии на Сардинии.

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Fotografo di matrimonio in Sardegna, disponibile da Olbia a Cagliari, da Alghero a La Maddalena, Sassari, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Ogliastra, Nuoro, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, Poltu quatu..



Wedding photography Ogliastra

Wedding photography Ogliastra.

Ogliastra is without any doubt one of the most beautiful area in Sardinia, showing off both amazing inland and seascape choices.

Cala Luna, Cala Goloritze, Supramonte, and many many more are amongst the best locations you can find in the Ogliastra area.

Simply perfect to ambient and host the wedding of your dreams.

I’m a professional photographer serving all Sardinia, always striving to provide unique, compelling and original wedding photography Ogliastra.

Professional wedding photography services in Nuoro, Dorgali, Arbatax, Cala Gonone, Orosei, Cala Ginepro, Tortoli.

Feel free to browse my many wedding photography archive and contact me to discuss your requirements, I will be honoured to follow and document your best day.

Also, you can visit my wedding photography dedicated website at for more photos.

thank you

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L’Ogliastra è indubbiamente una delle zone più belle della Sardegna offrendo con le sue bellezze all’interno o quelle sul mare.

Alcune delle località più popolari sono: Cala Luna, Cala Gonone, Dorgali, il Supramonte..

Semplicemente il posto perfetto dove ambientare il matrimonio dei vostri sogni.

Sono un fotografo professionista che operano in tutta la Sardegna, costantemente alla ricerca e determinato di offrirvi fotografie di matrimonio uniche, accattivanti ed originali.

Visitate le mie gallerie fotografiche di matrimonio e contattatemi senza impegno, sarò onorato di seguirvi e documentare il giorno più bello della vostra vita.




wedding photographer Alghero Sassari

Wedding photographer Alghero Sardinia

Wedding photographer Alghero Sardinia

If you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer Alghero Sardinia please browse my extended portfolio in the category WEDDING or visit the individual wedding pages.

I cover wedding photography throughout all Sardinia island, in locations such as: Alghero, Sassari, Palau, Olbia, Costa Smeralda, Santa Teresa, La Maddalena, Cagliari, Porto Cervo

During many years of shooting as a wedding photographer Sardinia, I’ve had chance of fine tuning my experience in the most diverse typologies: beach wedding, luxury wedding, civil wedding, traditional wedding, you name it..

Along with this experience on the field, comes a skilled post-production service, which helps me delivering always unique and original photographs.

I simply love shooting weddings: from the intimacy of the preparation early in the morning, feeling the excitement building up. I move around with discretion to catch the best spontaneous moments of the day.

Family members, friends…hours full of surprises that I am glad to photograph and show them to you later, collecting your always positive feedbacks.

I’m really happy where I am and what I have been achieving as a destination wedding photographer, as for the stunning locations I can “use” for the shootings and for the great chance of knowing interesting people from all over the world and Italy itself.

Please browse from dozens of images and weddings in their respective individual pages on the main menu.

If interested, feel free to drop me an email with the CONTACT FORM and I will be glad to plan your wedding in Sardinia

Thank for your kind visit.

Alghero Wedding full gallery

Getting married in Olbia

Getting married Olbia

Getting married Olbia

Wedding season kicked off very nicely this year.

This featured photo is taken from Maria and Marco’s which decided to getting married in Olbia.

As the majority of my clients, they contacted me via mail, after finding me on the net and  preferring my service amongst many.

I have to say that their wedding brings double satisfaction to me, since Marco is a professional photographer back in Cologne, Germany.

Therefore I can only feel honoured to have been chosen to follow them on their best day of their lives.

We met a week before the event and talked freely about their requirements, in the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of the nice villa they rented few km off Olbia.

Here, while sipping wine and beer,  Maria was tried some hairstyle and make-up for the wedding.

I have helped her finding the right person to take care of her makeup and hairstyle and she was pretty satisfied about it.

Everything went smooth. Their relaxed approach and cool attitude have contributed to helping me shooting incredible  spontaneous and emotional images, moving around freely,

allowing me to express the best of my photography style.

As frequently happens to me, I hardly have chance to catch up with my clients beforehand.

I have therefore learned to keep a clear and quick mailing communication which has been proving to be the right approach to shorten distance and avoiding misunderstandings, other than planning to the details every moment of the shooting.

Please, feel free to visit all my WEDDING GALLERIES in my main site, my SERVICES provided and the dedicated WEDDING WEBSITE.

Also, should you require it, I can address you to the right professional service from hairstylist, MUA, hotel offering incredible packages and offers and much, much more, in Olbia or the rest of Sardinia.

Thanks for your kind visit.









getting married in sardinia

getting married in Sardinia

Getting married in Sardinia


If you are planning to getting married in Sardinia and you are looking for an original and creative photographer,  I can provide you with Images that you will cherish dearly forever.

Sardinia offers plenty of locations: with the help of professionals in their fields, you can have your wonder wedding set up more or less anywhere.

White sands, emerald waters, beach, country… you name it.

We’ll be more than happy and delighted to take up the challenge to make your day special.

I specialize in portraiture, wedding and landscape photography which makes a winning recipe for always original and unique photographs.

It comes very helpful when it’s time to plan amazing couple’s photographs: I know Sardinia very well and always pick up different locations each time.

This way you’ll never end up with photos in locations that have been used before.

Please take some time to check out some of the wedding photography galleries you’ll find in my site.

Should you wish to view more, head over my dedicated wedding photography website at

Please use the contact form or write me directly at for your enquiries.

Enjoy! thank you.


Se state sognando il vostro matrimonio in Sardegna e cercate un fotografo originale e creativo, ci siete arrivati!

La Sardegna offre innumerevoli locations dove ambientare il vostro matrimonio: con l’aiuto di validi professionisti nei loro campi possiamo aiutarvi ad organizzarlo ovunque.

Spiagge biamche, acque smeraldine, campagna…a voi la scelta. Noi saremo piu che contenti e onorati di raccogliere la sfida.

Mi specializzo nella fotografia di matrimonio, ritratto e paesaggistica: il tutto combinato insieme dà uno stile vincente per la creazione di immagini sempre originali ed uniche.

Se desiderate, esplorate le gallerie fotografiche di matrimonio che trovate nel sito oppure visitate quello dedicato ai matrimoni

Utilizzate il contact form o scrivetemi direttamente a per le vostre domande o informazioni.

buona visione! Grazie!



Country wedding Sardinia

Country wedding Sardinia.

A couple from flew from Germany to Olbia, where they planned to get married. Keyword for this event was “simplicity” and the finishing we agreed to give to the photographs was “country”.

As for location where to ambient the long overdue couple session, I choose the castle of Pedres just few km off Olbia.

The castle is surrounded by an amazing forest of olivastro trees, providing a unique place suitable for a country wedding shooting style.

Sardinia offers incredible and varied spots, ranging from emerald waters, mountains, hillside, canyon…

I’m always in constant scouting for new spots where to ambient couple photo sessions. Of course much depends on the will of the people to venture to places sometimes off hands,

though this will always be rewarded with original photography that will remind you of unforgettable time had in Sardinia.

I worl side by side with professionals in their fields, willing to deliver the best services possible and providing you with al the support needed for your own peace of mind.

Feeel free to contact me for your enquiries and don’t forget to have a look at my dedicated wedding website ( for further images along with the

many you can find in this website under the category : weddings.

Thank you.




wedding olbia

Wedding Olbia

Wedding Olbia


Another beautiful wedding in Olbia I had chance to photograph. Alina and Leo from Germany had given me total freedom to report their best day.

Results are impressive, especially the sunset couple session we had at a unique location, an abandoned hotel by the beach.

They wanted some particular location, even a little run down, so the choice fell on that building.

We got blessed by an amazing golden light .

don’t forget to check all my WEDDING GALLERIES under the respective categories and have a look at my dedicated WEDDING website:

Thank you!



Married in Sardinia

Married in Sardinia

Another beautiful couple I had chance to photograph on their best day of their lives. Anita and Rune chose me for their wedding which took place on a beach o Golfo Aranci, Olbia.

We met few days before to get to know each other and do some planning, especially as far as couple photo session concerned.

According to what they asked me, I thought of taking them to Cala sabine, a beautiful location 15 minutes drive away from their hotel.

In there, while already shooting amazing photos around 7pm, I got to know that Anita used to be a dancer. from there on,all the shots assumed a more theatrical and

definetly unique mood, as far as poses concerned.

I you decide to get married in Sardinia I would be more than honored to be your destination wedding photographer:

Please browse my website under the category WEDDINGS for more sample of my wedding photography, or visit my new dedicated site to such events :


Мы сплочённая фотографическая комманда, которая предлагает профессиональные фотографические услуги на всей территории острова Сардиния.

У нас есть парикмахеры, визажист, переводчик, и весь персонал необходимый для незабываемого времяпрепровождения и фотосьёмки ваших знаменательных дат  на острове Сардинии.

Я профессиональный фотограф из Ольбии, и я специализируюсь на портретной фотографии, фотосьёмка свадеб и ландшафта.

Я могу отвезти вас в незабываемые по красоте места,  чтобы сделать ваши фото еще более оригинальными и уникальными.

Мой стиль никогда не повторяющийся и  всегда непредсказуемый.

Не стесняйтесь связаться со мной для получения дополнительной информации о вашем мероприятии или фотосессии на Сардинии.


Sardinia beach wedding

Vintage wedding Sardinia

Vintage wedding Sardinia


Chris and Sarah contacted me from UK, as they planned to marry in Sardinia, more precisely in Palau.

I acknowledged their request of having the wedding photos taken and post-produced in vintage style. I covered from preparation to two hours after the ceremony of sand.

They allowed me to express freely from the shooting to the post-production finishing.

The ceremony took place in Comune di Palau, then we moved to the nearest Isola dei Gabbiani, where a banquet and a further “ceremony of the sand” was held.

Then we took 20 minutes away from their guests to do what’s becoming much requested to me amongst couples I work for: the couple session.

It’s a moment I advice every couple to take in order to have them relaxed and coming out with some spontaneous and unique photographs in a location previously agreed, very often under my suggestion.

This time we headed to the nearest sand dune, an almost desert-like spot that ends up on the beach.

I’m very proud of what I have accomplished and glad to receiving their kind feedback:

we thought your enthusiasm and genuine love for your work was fantastic and made both of us (and our guests) feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera.
we’d like to thank you very much for helping to make our day even more memorable.

To view part of the photos of the day, please visit here:

Vintage wedding Sardinia


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