Country wedding Sardinia

Country wedding Sardinia.

A couple from flew from Germany to Olbia, where they planned to get married. Keyword for this event was “simplicity” and the finishing we agreed to give to the photographs was “country”.

As for location where to ambient the long overdue couple session, I choose the castle of Pedres just few km off Olbia.

The castle is surrounded by an amazing forest of olivastro trees, providing a unique place suitable for a country wedding shooting style.

Sardinia offers incredible and varied spots, ranging from emerald waters, mountains, hillside, canyon…

I’m always in constant scouting for new spots where to ambient couple photo sessions. Of course much depends on the will of the people to venture to places sometimes off hands,

though this will always be rewarded with original photography that will remind you of unforgettable time had in Sardinia.

I worl side by side with professionals in their fields, willing to deliver the best services possible and providing you with al the support needed for your own peace of mind.

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