daniele fontana; cascate pitrisconi

Escursion Sardinia

Escursion Sardinia

Last sunday I ventured to a place I already visited a couple of years back. That time, light conditions weren’t that great, so I promised myself to make it back.

The waterfall of Rio Pitrisconi are not as much known as they should. The place is reachable after a 20 minutes drive, the road isn’t that good though you could make it easily with a jeep.

Once you get to the Forestale house, waterfalls are just 10 minutes walk away.

Though in the middle of winter and supposedly rain season, water wasn’t much. The place is spectacular anyways, you are just in the middle of a beautiful typical Sardinia valley with junipers trees that bend to the wind assuming incredible shapes.

Certainly a place worthy to be seen.