I’m fascinated by hair styling photography just as much as debris, being them natural or not. They both tell stories of their own. They both carry own personalities and characters.

In my head I’ve always wanted to style something like ORGANIKA and in 2008 when I moved back to Sardinia, I found the right place to put it down for real.

I put them two together, debris and hair styling photography, for some constructed headdress to start the collection. A series that has never stopped ever since.

The core of it evolves around using simple things to enhance beauty without becoming slaves of expensive and trendy ornaments.

We all have enough in this world, without the potential of buying new things. We only need to look around ourselves to discover beauty.

Beach findings, anything that catches my attention during long walks into woods, swamp, cities, in my backyard, anywhere.

Sardinia has certainly played a key role  by offering me places and freedom to make this series coming alive.

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