Photography Corsica

Photography Corsica


Corsica offers a multitude of amazing places to explore.

Beautiful forests, cristalline waters, mountains and much more.

I had chance to explore most of it during a recent working trip, following the route from Bonifacio to Ajaccio then Corte and Bastia.

I also ended up in small fisherman villages on Cape Corse, where time seems to have stopped long ago.

Went out early morning to visit Ile de Sanguinaires close to Ajaccio. I was delighted by this incredible island and its landscapes.

Viability is also very good and well supported by road signs.

it’s a pleasure to go around and finding unique spots everywhere. Locals are also very welcoming and helpful.

The atmosphere in Corte jumped me back some 200 years, the old city is something really worth it to be seen.

I offer photography Corsica available for commercial and promotional usages. If you dont find what you are looking for, please

feel free to drop me an email and I will scan my archive.

thank you