Rough sea Sardinia

2018 has started off with some days of strong mistral which has offered me chances to explore a new photography subject: waves.

I have become very passionate about rough seas, hectic weather conditions, winds…

Heading towards west Sardinia, I get totally taken and excited, hours go by amongst the whisper of the wind and the heavy crashing of the waves, amazing soundtrack of all shootings.

I have found a new passion where to channel my photography, something that puts me in within nature and makes me small enough to reduce my thoughts.

Something that it’s completely new and requires mistakes, correction, experimentation, planning…

It’s like therapy for all senses.

So there you go, some shots taken during these times, very often risking both gear and myself.

There is no shelter under this condition for, as much as I have learned so far, even if you’d find a safe place from the strong gale, you wouldn’t actually quite get the shot, for you must be out there and be part of it.